Discover the proven system for getting YOUR DJing to pro level... on ANY DJ gear, and no matter what your current skills.
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What you'll learn...
  • Everything you need to DJ like a pro using every type of DJ gear, no matter what your current set-up. It is easy to learn all of these skills on ANY modern system, as you'll see demonstrated throughout the course
  • How to discover, organise and prepare your music in the same way the pros do, so that you instantly have the best tunes at your fingertips, for any gig. No more worrying about what to play next!
  • All the timeless skills of DJing including manual beatmixing, counting beats and bars, and a huge number of actual transitions from basic to advanced, so you can pull off breathtaking technical mixes effortlessly
  • How to use loops, filters and cue points to add to your transitions and make it child's play to switch between genres and BPMs... plus a "cookbook" of pro techniques to follow, adapt and use in your own DJing directly
  • How to perform mixes just like your favourite club DJs - all the techniques explained, plus a "playbook" of actual real-life DJ mixes you can copy and use in your own DJ sets.
  • How to use ANY software system - the course specifically covers Serato DJ, Rekordbox DJ, Traktor Pro 2 and Virtual DJ - and it works just as well for all other software systems
  • How to read a crowd, programme an actual DJ set, set up your gear in a club, and deal with other DJs, club managers, promoters and the public, to give you the confidence to play in ANY venue
  • How to put in a great performance as a DJ, including how to conquer pre-set nerves, controlling the mood of a crowd and "leading the party", so you can play rock-solid gigs in clubs, bars, lounges, at festivals, even on the radio...
  • ...and much much more!
What you're going to get:

Digital DJ Masterclass is delivered online, so you can take it anywhere. The tutor-assisted but self-paced learning means you can buy now and follow along with the material over the coming weeks, or get going when you're ready. We'll always be here to help - for life! Being super-busy doesn't need to hold you back....

There's video tuition, tutor & student feedback, downloadable audio, and printable cheat sheets, guides and transcriptions, all designed to help you learn in the ways that work for you. It is filmed in HD with overhead technique close-ups, screen recordings, and on-location lessons including from London's Ministry of Sound. 

Released weekly over three months, it works on laptop, tablet and mobile, and is yours for life so you can take it wherever and whenever you want, and  refer back to it time and time again.

What people are saying about Digital DJ Masterclass:

"After taking this course I was able to book an opening slot at a three-day EDM festival in Vegas...

Before I took the Masterclass, I’d played a few gigs, nothing spectacular, I’d seen flashes of how cool this art form can be. I wanted to shore up my basic knowledge and ensure I wasn’t missing any foundational stuff. The value provided was far higher than what was charged.. It was amazing!" - Stephen Wilder, Las Vegas, USA

"When I purchased the course I had been DJing for six years...

...and to be honest I was hesitant because I was unsure if it would teach me anything I didn’t already know. My concerns quickly subsided when I saw how comprehensive the course was. Boy, was there a lot I didn’t know about!" - Andrew Rhodes aka "DJ Dick Rhodes", Norway.

"It was nice to know it was backed by a full refund if I wasn't satisfied...

Even though I knew it was money well spent within the first 20 minutes of watching the videos, it was nice to know it was backed by a full refund if I wasn't satisfied." - Brad “B-Money” Burns, Seattle, USA

“Before I bought Masterclass, I was a total novice...

The fact that the course had no time limit was perfect. Everybody these days is busy, and knowing that you can go at a pace that suits your personal circumstances without feeling the pressure of being left behind as you might in a classroom environment worked perfectly for me.” - Dean Page, Worthing, UK

"Things that had taken me 3 to 5 years to learn back in the day were covered in the course to be learnt in a matter of days or weeks... 

I wish I’d had this course back in the 90s! It would have saved a lot of pain, and a LOT of time!”- Ian Smith, UK

“It is like getting a college degree in DJing that doesn't make you take a bunch of bullshit classes for credit requirements...

Everything in this course will advance your career!” Anthony “PeeWee” Urse, Michigan, USA
Core module training overview:

1. The Gear

9 lessons, helping you to choose DJ gear, understand all types of modern systems, learn what works with what, get up to speed on digital, and select wisely depending on where you want to DJ. You'll learn what works with what and how to avoid expensive buying mistakes, plus get the full lowdown on club gear, DVS, controller, modular systems, laptops and accessories...

2. The Music

13 lessons, showing you the core principles of growing and maintaining a great digital music collection. You'll learn the secrets of vinyl DJs and how they are applied by smart DJ today, and we reveal our Playlist Pyramid and DJ Quadrant systems, that make sure you always have the right tune at your fingertips. We talk software, tags, metadata, file types, smart playlists and much more.

3. Mixing Fundamentals

7 lessons, teaching the key skills of creative mixing, on ANY DJ gear at all. This is the very core of our mixing blueprint, covering the building blocks of mixing, counting, phrasing, manual beatmatching, proper headphone use, and mixing tools, and ending with three failsafe transitions that any DJ can use anywhere to get through the vast majority of DJ gigs, end to end.

4. Mixing Principles & Tools

9 lessons, building on the Mixing Fundamentals training to give you a thorough understanding the all the principles of good mixing, including "invisible" vs "showing off" techniques, and how to use loops, effects, cues, extra decks, acapellas, slip mode and many more of the bells and whistles of modern DJ gear and controllers as you become and expert.

5. Mix Examples

8 Lessons, showing you real-world transitions you can practise and lift right from the course and into your own DJing. You'll learn the Bass Swap, the Harmonic Mix, the Acapella Mix, The Super Cut & Super Drop, the Brake, the Auto Spinback, the Manual Spinback, the Baby Scratch, and the Drastic Tempo/Genre Change mix. There's a bonus full mix too showing them all in context.

6. Performing

10 Lessons, taking you smoothly and successfully from your practice studio to the DJ booth. You'll learn the art of set programming, how to read a crowd to keep your dancefloor full and happy, and how to conquer your nerves and behave confidently around other DJs, managers, promoters and the public. Plus specific instructions for DJing in clubs, bars, on the radio, and 

Need more detail on what's in the course curriculum?

Click here to download the full curriculum PDF document and find out exactly what's covered in each module, video by video...

There's more! Here is your 2017 bonus package:
Bonus #1 - Six hours of live coaching - $597 value
  • Join Phil Morse on six live group coaching calls, where you'll get a chance to ask questions and get instant answers about whatever your stuck on in your DJing - unavailable anywhere else
  • As well as asking questions ahead of time, you'll also get the chance to ask questions directly, live within the webinars, so you can fully immerse yourself in the coaching
  • All the coaching webinars are recorded and added to the course as video and downloadable audio so you can watch and listen again and again, and get your answers even if you can't attend any (or all!) of the sessions
Bonus #2 - How To Get Gigs - complete module, $197 value
  • 10-video course, again currently completely exclusive to Digital DJ Masterclass, showing you an exact, proven method for getting gigs and filling your diary with the types of show you want
  • A proven, actionable formula covering everything from your DJ name, logo and brand through how to get paid legally, set up your business, and establish an effective online presence. Plus, how not to get caught out by taxes and bureaucracy when you "go public"...
  • How to build a fanbase and use that fanbase to make sure you are preferred by promoters, managers and club owners over other DJs who don't know this stuff - and even how to promote your own nights and "book yourself"
  • All lessons are presented as "classroom video", and all are also presented as printable transcripts for you to refer back to, and downloadable audio files so you can keep and listen to them anywhere, even offline
Bonus #3 - 20 in-depth DJ interviews- $297 value
  • Several hours of extended interviews between Phil Morse and pro and semi-pro DJs, including two DJs who have had number one hit singles!
  • These 20 interviews dig deep into their secrets for success, covering everything from the gear they use to the problems they've had to conquer. It's like having a "virtual mentorship" group, helping you learn from the secrets of people who are where you're striving to be
  • Most are video interviews,and all are also presented as printable transcripts for you to refer back to, and downloadable audio files so you can keep and listen to them anywhere, even offline.
That's THREE incredible bonuses worth $1,088 included for FREE as part of your 2017 Digital DJ Masterclass Course - grab your place now!

Take the payment plan and pay just $197 today while there are still places available.
Just like with all of our DJ training courses, Digital DJ Masterclass comes with our cast-iron, no questions, 12 month money-back guarantee, which gives you more than enough time to get the results or get your money back - the risk is all ours. 

If at any time in your first year of ownership you decide it's not for you (for absolutely any reason), just tell us and we'll refund you with a smile. Nobody else offers a guarantee like this.

Don't just take our word for it! We've got some awesome video interviews with DJs of all types who've had incredible results in their DJing from taking the Masterclass.

More feedback from previous students:

"It felt to me like an actual classroom experience...

...rather than just a tutorial course. I loved the Skype interviews with 'regular' DJs, normal people out there living out their dreams. And it's not just a class: You become part of a group, more of a family of people just like you wanting to live a dream and succeed. It's very inspiring." - CJ Rochester aka "DJ Cirock", Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

"I have never DJed, yet the classes were perfectly clear to me…"

Your training is so clear and well explained, easy to understand (even for a non-native English speaker, like me) and gets me through all I need to know. My rating: 10/10!  - Raul Mariano Jnr, Brazil

"The results were instant for me!...

Basically straight after the course I entered my first mix in a competition with CD Pool, and I was one of the winners! I was asked to DJ for them at the BPM Show, the biggest DJ and electronic event in Europe, which was my first ever live gig and at one of the biggest venues in the UK!" - Ian Hoskins (DJ Ease), Dorset UK

"In this business everyone needs to stay current and more importantly get out of their comfort zone to grow, this made that easy...

...I have been a mobile DJ for many years and have made a good living at it. But now I have been reenergized by the new knowledge and I feel I have a much better understanding of the current music and DJ technology." Kenny Zail, Dallas, Georgia, USA
Your biggest questions answered:

"I'm sure this has worked and will work for some people, but I've tried to learn so many times before - how can you be so sure it'll work for me?

As with our other successful courses, Digital DJ Masterclass has three crucial elements. Firstly, it is 100% practical: You'll be doing stuff right from the off, and by the end of the course, you WILL have all the skills you need to DJ to pro level.

Secondly, it is structured to take the pain out of learning - we worry about the learning, you just worry about doing what we say! Our methods are worlds apart from dry, flat, pointlessly complicated training of the type that never seems to get results. 

And thirdly, - and most importantly - it is a FORMULA. This method has taken decades to perfect.. It may surprise you. It may even go against everything you currently think about how DJing is done. But it works - and the end result will be that finally, you're DJing to pro standard, ready to rock any club!

"I'm not sure I've got the time to do this: How much commitment do I need to make? What if I fall behind?"

You're busy - we get that. That's why the course is designed to give you everything you need to become a club-ready DJ, spinning to pro level - but absolutely nothing you don't! So rest assured we won't be wasting a second of your time.

But also, the way it is taught is designed to work for anyone, no matter how much time you have, or when you have that time - now or later. While the modules are released over several weeks, once they are all "live", they are on-demand: In other words, you can pace yourself through the material at your own speed, taking as long as you want. Your tutors will always be there to help, for life.

However, it is important to note that we only accept a limited number of students onto the course at a time, and we only open it once a year; so if you want to learn to DJ like a pro, it is a good idea to get the course right now and starting when you're ready; you'll still get the full benefits if you choose to do this.

"Why do you release the material over several weeks? Why can't I have it all at once?"

So as not to overwhelm you, and so that your tutors can give you maximum help at every stage of the process. 

Each week, the live coaching webinar covers that week's module, and each week, the tutor focuses on helping students with the material that has just been released. 

For those who wish to complete the course in eight weeks, this keeps everyone on the same track, and for those (the majority of students) who wish to dip in and out and take a number of months to finish the training, once the material is all released, the course effectively becomes "on demand".

"The live coaching webinars sound good, but I'm worried about being able to make them. What if I can't?"

No need to worry! You'll be notified well in advance of each live webinar, and even if you can't make the live session, it will be recorded and made available for you in your member's area. 

Also, you can still submit your questions in advance even if you can't make the webinar, and then hear them being answered on the recording. Many students don't actually attend the live classroom sessions but instead choose to either watch the video recording of them, or download the audio to listen to when they can.

Just like with all of our DJ training courses, Digital DJ Masterclass comes with our cast-iron, no questions, 12 month money-back guarantee, which gives you more than enough time to get the results or get your money back - the risk is all ours. 

If at any time in your first year of ownership you decide it's not for you (for absolutely any reason), just tell us and we'll refund you with a smile. Nobody else offers a guarantee like this.

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