New to DJing? Get this incredible DJ course, plus FREE music - all you need to become a DJ!

Get the best DJ course for total beginners plus two months of free DJ music, from Digital DJ Tips and Beatport. When you buy "DJing Made Easy" you also get 3 months' access to all the music you could possibly need courtesy of Beatport LINK / Beatsource LINK, worth up to $90, for FREE.

Pay just $147 (approx £120 / €140*)

All courses are covered by our 12 month money back guarantee.

  • "DJing Made Easy" is designed specially for beginners, and takes you through all the basic skills, covering gear, music, techniques, and how to rock parties 
  • ​Works for all DJ software and systems - once you know these skills, you'll be able to use ANY DJ gear 
  • ​All you need to know is clearly explained in step-by-step videos, with tutors on hand to help you if you get stuck
  • ​You now get three months of FREE access to Beatport LINK or Beatsource LINK, the leading DJ music streaming services, worth up to $90, for FREE.
  • ​This gives you all the music you need to learn to DJ, expertly curated for you - no need to search for or buy a single tune! 
  • It works with nearly all modern DJ software and hardware such as Serato, Rekordbox, Virtual DJ, Denon/Engine, djay Pro and more
Pay just $147 (approx £120 / €140*)

All courses are covered by our 12 month money back guarantee.

Just like with all Digital DJ Tips training courses, DJing Made Easy comes with our cast-iron, no questions, 12 month money-back guarantee, which gives you more than enough time to get the results or get your money back - the risk is all ours. 

If at any time in your first year of ownership you decide it's not for you (for absolutely any reason), just tell us and we'll refund you with a smile. Nobody else offers a guarantee like this.
This course has taught 1000s to DJ. 
Watch this video to learn how it works...
Pay just $147 (approx £120 / €140*)

All courses are covered by our 12 month money back guarantee.

"Is this a subscription? Do I have to take the course in a certain timeframe?"
No, and no! This is a self-contained course. You pay for it just once, and it's yours for life, including any future updates.

Buy it now and take it today, next week, next month, next year. Treat is as a reference, coming back to it as often as you like. Our team is always there ready to help you with any questions you have, and there is absolutely no timeframe for taking it - take as long as you want. 

Additionally, you have a full THREE MONTHS of free music courtesy of Beatport LINK or Beatsource LINK, with access to amazing DJ playlists and millions of tunes to help you learn.
"Does this work whatever gear or software I have?"
The course works with any DJ gear and any DJ software. Our training is designed to teach you to DJ whatever gear or software is in front of you!

Beatport LINK and Beatsource LINK streaming services work with most DJ software and hardware, including Serato DJ, Rekordbox DJ, Virtual DJ, djay Pro, DJUCED, Engine OS (Denon DJ Prime) and others. Note that currently this doesn't work with Traktor.

"Can I use music I already own to DJ with too?"
Absolutely! The course teaches you how to DJ using the music you already own, how to get it into your DJ software and hardware to mix with, plus how to manage your music collection like a pro. The ability to stream and DJ with millions of songs from Beatport or Beatsource LINK is an added bonus, and we teach you everything you need to know to use them, too!

"How do I get access to the three months trial of Beatport or Beatsource LINK?"
When you purchase the course, we will email you with login details to the training and instructions on how to activate your trial. IMPORTANT: You must use the same email address for both your course purchase and your music subscription access to be eligible for the three month trial. If you have any questions our customer support team are here to help, just ask.
"What makes this different from YouTube videos or other online training courses out there?"
Nowhere else will you find everything you need to make a great start as a DJ in one place, especially as now we even provide the music, too.

On YouTube it would take you forever to find EVERYTHING you need, and even then, it wouldn't all be from a single authority. How would you know who to trust?

Our course plus FREE music gives you a proven framework to follow, and all the tips, tricks and secrets that EVERY beginner HAS to learn - all in a single place, saving you countless hours of time and effort.   
"What's the difference between Beatport LINK and Beatsource LINK?"
Beatport LINK is for electronic and underground dance music, like house, techno and so on. Beatsource LINK is for mainstream music - commercial dance, pop, hip hop, Latin and so on. 

When you buy the course, you get a choice of which service you'd like to have three months of for free. For club and festival DJs, Beatport LINK is the one. For party, open format and mobile DJs, Beatsource LINK is for you.
  • You consider yourself a beginner, unsure of what to do to improve?
  • You lack the confidence to take that extra step and actually DJ in front of other people?
  • You feel like you're "winging it" when you play parties, missing things you should know?
  • You feel that unless you finally nail some of the "timeless" skills of DJing, you won't be taken seriously?
  • You struggle to find time to practice... only to arrive at the start of your session not really knowing what I need to do to improve?
  • You sometimes feel you can't keep up with the music, get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of music out there, and find all the different ways to access music today confusing?
  • You believe that until you can afford better gear, you'll be stuck where you are now, unable to progress or play the parties you dream of?
If you answered "yes" to one or more of these questions, it's actually great news - because these are the reasons why you're struggling to progress in your DJing. "DJing Made Easy" has been made just for you...

Pay just $147 (approx £120 / €140*)

All courses are covered by our 12 month money back guarantee.

Step-by-step across five modules and 30 individual video lessons, this course teaches you the tips, tricks and secrets of DJing as it's done today - on any gear, with any music, at any party. You'll learn:
  • What gear you need, including must-have accessories and cool extra software and apps - discover the cheap and effective gadgets, music helper tools and best streaming services today's DJs rely on to improve their results
  • What to do in your practice sessions to get ahead - learn our proven system for making every practice session count, and our hacks for practising anywhere (no gear required...)
  • Where to get music in the digital age ​- How to discover, shortlist, organise and playlist the very best music, using today's digital platforms - download stores, record pools, music discovery apps, streaming services, and more
  • The timeless basics of beatmixing - Move beyond the sync button and unlock the real power of your DJ gear, learning about beats, bars/measures, counting, song structure and classic beatmixing, for smoother, more assured DJ sets
  • Easy pro tricks to make you stand out - Today's DJs don't just play music, they play with music - you'll learn simple ways to use loops and cues for live remixes and re-edits, how to make BPM and genre changes easily, how to make your transitions sound great with key sync... even how to get the old school "vinyl sound" into your digital DJ sets
  • The "playlist secret" of effortless DJ sets - Never be stuck knowing what to play next again, once you master this simple technique - one that is only available to digital DJs (and that many digital DJs still DON'T use...)
  • Easy tricks for improving your confidence - Performing effortlessly means you'll have more fun, get noticed more, and do a better job - so we show you how to: Handle other DJs, deal with requests, sort out technical issues, conquer "last-minute nerves"...
You’ll soon be able to DJ any party on the gear you've got (module 1 has all the "hacks" to do this); always find the right song to play next (module 2 helps you build and maintain a great library), know how, when and where to mix (module 3 revises all the "timeless basic skills" ), use your controller's features properly (module 4 covers loops, hotcues, key sync and more), and perform confidently (module 5 shows you "what to do" in public).

Whether you're: A beginner; a DJ who's already playing parties (but you know you need to improve); or, a veteran needing a refresher on how DJing is done today - this is the new, fast, fun way to get up to speed.
Pay just $147 (approx £120 / €140*)

All courses are covered by our 12 month money back guarantee.

If you're returning to DJing after a break, or you've always wanted to do this but somehow never got around to it, or you're already DJing but you want to make sure you're doing it right, it's perfect for you. You're going to improve so much by applying these steps in your DJing. 

Likewise, if you've found our website, our free training videos, or our social content useful, this course is your natural next step. As a training programme, a guide, and a reference to come back to again and again, it's something you’ll hugely value having by your side. 

And if you're completely new to DJing, and have no idea where to start? Stop looking - this is the course you need.

The course works with ANY software and ANY hardware - again, doesn't matter if you're using Serato, Rekordbox, Traktor, Virtual DJ or any other software platform, and whether you're using a controller, a standalone systempro gear or even record decks.  It's for all brands, including Pioneer DJ, Numark, Denon DJ, RolandReloop and all the others. (Not even got a clue what to use yet? No problem - we'll show you.)
This complete, on-demand course, brought to you by the world's biggest DJ school, is yours for life including all future updates. It's delivered online via our unique, custom-built training platform. It's in full HD across 30 video lessons, viewable on your computer, tablet or smartphone, so you can learn anywhere.

It uses multiple camera angles, on-screen annotations, close-up shots, and step-by-step explanations, making the lessons easy to follow and fun! 

You can bookmark lessons to come back to again and again (across this and any other courses you own from us), you can mark lessons as complete to chart your progress, and rate lessons, for your own use or to give feedback. 
  • When you join us as a paying student, you'll automatically be invited to join our private Student Hub Facebook Group
  • This awesome community is where our students worldwide hang out with tutors from all of our courses and get to ask questions, receive help, be held accountable, and engage with our wider family - over 35,000 students in 168 countries
  • This is unique to Digital DJ Tips, and is only open to our students - that's YOU
  • You'll also be invited to our monthly StudentLive live remote classroom sessions, where students from all of our courses get to meet up along with one or more of our tutors.
  • Ask live questions, get insights, share triumphs and challenges - it's like being in a real classroom, but the classroom comes to you!
  • Join as many or few of these sessions as you like - they're even recorded, so you can follow along when it suits. This is a COMPLETELY FREE (and optional!) addition to your course.
Pay just $147 (approx £120 / €140*)

All courses are covered by our 12 month money back guarantee.

There are many choices out there for people wanting to learn DJ skills, from free YouTube videos, all the way up to university courses that demand years of commitment. So why do so many people choose Digital DJ Tips? Here are three big reasons... 


As well as being an authoritative, respected and globally recognised and Serato certified DJ school, has since 2010 grown to be one of the biggest DJ tech websites in the world, with 250,000 unique visitors a month, and established and popular YouTube, Facebook and Instagram channels with over 750,000 followers and we have a popular weekly live DJ TV show, which is watched by as many as 25,000 DJs each episode. We also wrote the book on DJing, "Rock The Dancefloor!" by Phil Morse (an Amazon bestseller). We are right where it's happening.


Since we delivered our very first course in 2011, we've put high quality teaching at the heart of what we do. We have a proven system for teaching that's not only clear so beginners can easily follow along, but also thorough, taking students as far as they want to go, right to pro level. We prefer action over theory, and showing over telling, and we understand that coaching is just as important as information - in fact, information on its own is rarely enough! We also understand that our students have limited time, so all our training is designed to get you results fast, and fit around your busy life.


Online DJ training is unfortunately a bit of a "Wild West". But unlike many of the operations  out there, when you join us, you get much more than just a username and a password. We have a full-time team to make sure you're looked after, and we take our duty of care for you seriously.  All courses have in-course tutor help, right on tap. And if you ever need any extra help, with anything from technical stuff to billing enquiries, know that two of our team members are dedicated only to customer support. And of course, with our StudentHub and StudentLive community, you get to participate in the biggest DJ school student network anywhere in the world.

We have over 35,000 students in 168 countries. Here is some recent feedback from some of them...

"Your training has taught me everything I know in DJing..."

 I learned everything from beat matching to making transitions and gaining confidence- all ingredients needed for a DJ - the instructional videos are clear and concise and easy to follow- I could not have made it to where I am in my DJ career without these courses! - Maria Cruise

"These people absolutely know the industry inside and out..."

They are very willing to help in any way they can to make you better and more confident no matter where you are in the process. I am a student for life, and I'm proud to say I am associated with this group of instructors and fellow students... very proud indeed! - Michael Gerth

"The way your training is presented is fantastic, you and your team delivers so much inspiration through your video courses, it's amazing..."

The way your training is presented is fantastic, you and your team delivers so much inspiration through your video courses, it's amazing. I can see that you are having fun when you're teaching and this gives the students like me inspiration.
 - Jan Nordin

"I have never DJed before, yet the classes were perfect for me!"

"Your training is so clear and well explained, easy to understand (even for a non-native English speaker, like me) and gets me through all I need to know about playing great sets. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who wants to be a better DJ, or just a person who loves music (like me) to improve their skills. My rating: 10/10! - Raul Mariano Jnr, Brazil

"I have been following your tutorials for years and they are really professionally prepared...."

I like the teachers, structure, the way the videos are recorded, and the amount of valuable input! For me it was like being coached (I am a coach myself) remotely, and unleashed some things that I was not aware of!
 - James Bidwell

"The course absolutely delivered on its promise..."

I'd never taken video training before so I was concerned that if I didn't understand something, I would have no way on asking questions to get help like in a classroom. I found out quickly that the answer to any question I had was just a message away. It's given me the confidence to know that I can handle any opportunity that comes my way. - Kiley Kozlowski, Canada 
Just like with all Digital DJ Tips training courses, DJing Made Easy comes with our cast-iron, no questions, 12 month money-back guarantee, which gives you more than enough time to get the results or get your money back - the risk is all ours. 

If at any time in your first year of ownership you decide it's not for you (for absolutely any reason), just tell us and we'll refund you with a smile. Nobody else offers a guarantee like this.
Pay just $147 (approx £120 / €140*)

All courses are covered by our 12 month money back guarantee.

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