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Watch this now to find out how YOU can master every aspect of Rekordbox & Rekordbox DJ, for better, more confident DJing...

Join now and get lifetime access for a single payment of just $197  (approx £167 / €185*)  

  • How to get all of your music into Rekordbox, whether that’s importing digital files or ripping CDs and vinyl, and how to analyse, tag, label and back up your tracks to be in 100% control of your music collection
  • How to beatgrid your tracks properly, practise transitions, prepare loops and cues, and use powerful features such as related tracks, song info and the hidden sub-browser to help you to quickly prepare killer sets
  • How to build smart playlists, use colour coding, complete your metadata, add memory cues, set up active censor, and build sample banks - the "secret weapons" for better DJ sets once you get to your gigs
  • The correct way to save and export playlists, so you never lose your work or struggle finding tracks when DJing - whether you're playing from laptop in Performance mode, or DJing from a USB stick with pro Pioneer gear
  • How to use Rekordbox & Rekordbox DJ with controllers and systems like the DDJ-WeGO, DDJ-400 & DDJ-RB, DDJ-1000, DDJ-RR, DDJ-RX, DDJ-RZ, DDJ-RZX, XDJ-RX/RX2 and the new XDJ-RR - even Serato gear like the DDJ-SB/SB2, DDJ-SR, DDJ-SX & DDJ-SX2
  • How to DJ on pro Pioneer club gear such as the CDJ-3000CDJ-2000NXS2, CDJ-900NXS, XDJ-1000 MkII, XDJ-700, CDJ-TOUR1, DJM-900NXS2, DJM-S9 from USB drive, so that your sets in pro DJ booths are instantly polished and professional - even if you've never played on this type of gear before! 
  • How Rekordbox DJ's transport controls, mixer, master tempo, beat sync, loops, effects, sampler and sequencer functions work, so you can play exciting and innovative sets that really help you to stand out
  • How every function of your controller’s performance pads works, from hot cues and pad FX to slicer, beatjump, beat loop, key shift, and keyboard mode - master effortless and impressive live remixing!
  • How to use digital vinyl systems (DVS) with Rekordbox, for spinning on turntables and CD players - meaning you can use Rekordbox in practically any venue, whatever gear it has...
  • How to "map" Rekordbox to work with external Midi equipment, from keyboards to pad controllers, for extending your creativity infinitely
  • How “HID” mode works, so you can DJ directly from your laptop with pro Pioneer gear - and how to network that gear with Pro Link for the most powerful club DJ set-ups possible
  • How to DJ with just your laptop - great for impromptu DJ sets at afterparties, or getting lost in your music on long plane journeys...
  • How to move your personal settings and preferences to USB drive so pro gear in clubs behaves as you want it to, and the right way to sync your set histories and changes back from USB once you return home after each gig
  • BONUS#1: How to user optional Rekordbox add-ons and accessories, including how to control lighting, DJ with videos and visuals, display song lyrics to your audiences - even how to prepare your sets on the move from your smartphone or tablet
  • BONUS #2: An interactive "index" of every single screen, button, tick box and option in Rekordbox’s daunting “Preferences” pane, so you can “look up” any feature instantly and get to the relevant lesson in the course fast
  • ...and much, much more!

This is a complete, on-demand course, yours for life including all future updates, delivered online via our unique, custom-built training platform. It's in full HD across 39 video lessons, viewable on your computer, tablet or smartphone, so you can learn anywhere.

It uses multiple camera angles, on-screen annotations and step-by-step explanations, making the lessons easy to follow and fun! 

You can bookmark lessons to come back to again and again (across this and any other courses you own from us), you can mark lessons as complete to chart your progress, and rate lessons, for your own use or to give feedback. 

"Will this work with my gear?"
Yes. If it works with Rekordbox or Rekordbox DJ - this course covers it. So whether you’re a beginner using a controller like the DDJ-400, WeGO or the DDJ-RB, or more serious about your DJing, rocking the DDJ-1000 or the DDJ-RR, DDJ-RX, DDJ-RZ, DDJ-RZX, or the XDJ-RX or CDJ-RX2 standalone systems... or you’re a straight-up pro, playing on club-standard CDJ-2000NXS2 and DJM-900NXS2 gear, or maybe the XDJ-800s XDJ-1000 MkIIs, or any of the other Pioneer professional gear... it's designed for you. 

It's also perfect if you have one of the Serato controllers that also works with Rekordbox such as the DDJ-SB, DDJ-SB2, DDJ-SR, DDJ-SX or DDJ-SX2.

"What makes this different from YouTube videos or other online training courses out there?"
There is nothing remotely like this for Rekordbox in existence, period - nothing anywhere else has the depth, detail, or quality. We're the world authority in DJ training, and work closely with Pioneer DJ - so you know you are learning from the best. It's by far the most comprehensive Rekordbox training out there.

What's more, we built our training platform from scratch to help you learn faster and have more fun - and you can also take advantage of 12 hours of free StudentLive "remote classroom" training when you sign up. This isn't simply an "online course" - it's the world's best Rekordbox training, that just happens to be taught online.
"I'm just a beginner DJ - is this something I really need at this point?"
Yes! Nowadays, understanding your DJ software is the crucial first step to becoming a competent DJ. If you aren't confident with your software, you'll find learning the skills of DJing much harder. Rekordbox Made Easy will get you across this first hurdle (a hurdle many DJs fall at) quickly and painlessly so you can get on with the real work of learning to DJ.

Remember too that from lowly beginner DJ controllers right up to the mightiest set-ups in the biggest festival DJ booths, the software most DJs use is Rekordbox. Now, you are a "Pioneer DJ" too - so the earlier you get to grips with the software, the easier you'll find it to progress "up the chain".

"Will it teach me what all the controls on my controller do? What about how to use CDJs and pro DJ gear?
Yes! It teaches you how to use any Rekordbox-compatible controller, DJ system, media player, mixer or pro set-up. Once you understand that your DJ gear is just a simple interface between you and the amazing functions of Rekordbox and Rekordbox DJ, you'll truly unlock the potential of this unique platform - and your creativity. 

In other words, once you understand the software - really understand the software - you'll be able to DJ on any Pioneer gear like a pro. It's the best way to get "club ready".e difference is that we teach you to do things with it that your audiences won't be expecting - and will be delighted to hear you doing. As you know, today's party crowds expect a higher standard from event DJs, having been brought up with "club culture" - this is your key to delivering that.
"I'm not new to DJing, only to Rekordbox. Do I need this course?"
Getting started with a new DJ software, or switching to software for the first time, is one of the hardest things you'll do as a DJ. There is a lot more to Rekordbox and Rekordbox DJ than all other DJ software platforms, because it works as a standalone library system too, and because it can be used with or without a laptop. 

Think of it as an ecosystem rather than just an app. If you already DJ or have DJed in the past, maybe on vinyl, or CDs, or even with another type of DJ software, once you've decided to use Rekordbox it's important you learn its intricacies properly and quickly.
"I'm pretty proficient at Rekordbox already. Will I learn something new here?"
As an experienced DJ, you know that standing out from the crowd "at the top" - the difference between "good" and "great" - is all about margins. If you only learned one new thing from this course that made a change in your DJing, would it be worth it? We're pretty sure you'll learn much more that that.

What's more, Rekordbox is constantly changing, getting new features, extensions, add-ons, upgrades and equipment that works with it. Once you own this course, you tap into all of our research and knowledge as we update the lessons here to reflect those improvements. For a one-off payment today, you've got all of that for life.

Join today for $197  (approx £167 / €185*) 

There are many choices out there for people wanting to learn DJ skills, from free YouTube videos, all the way up to university courses that demand years of commitment. So why do so many people choose Digital DJ Tips? Here are three big reasons... 


As well as being an authoritative, respected and globally recognised and Serato certified DJ school, has since 2010 grown to be one of the biggest DJ tech websites in the world, with 250,000 unique visitors a month, and established and popular YouTube, Facebook and Instagram channels with over 750,000 followers and we have a popular weekly live DJ TV show, which is watched by as many as 25,000 DJs each episode. We also wrote the book on DJing, "Rock The Dancefloor!" by Phil Morse (an Amazon bestseller). We are right where it's happening.


Since we delivered our very first course in 2011, we've put high quality teaching at the heart of what we do. We have a proven system for teaching that's not only clear so beginners can easily follow along, but also thorough, taking students as far as they want to go, right to pro level. We prefer action over theory, and showing over telling, and we understand that coaching is just as important as information - in fact, information on its own is rarely enough! We also understand that our students have limited time, so all our training is designed to get you results fast, and fit around your busy life.


Online DJ training is unfortunately a bit of a "Wild West". But unlike many of the operations  out there, when you join us, you get much more than just a username and a password. We have a full-time team to make sure you're looked after, and we take our duty of care for you seriously.  All courses have in-course tutor help, right on tap. And if you ever need any extra help, with anything from technical stuff to billing enquiries, know that two of our team members are dedicated only to customer support. And of course, with our StudentHub and StudentLive community, you get to participate in the biggest DJ school student network anywhere in the world.

  • When you join us as a paying student, you'll automatically be invited to join our private Student Hub Facebook Group
  • This awesome community is where our students worldwide hang out with tutors from all of our courses and get to ask questions, receive help, be held accountable, and engage with our wider family - over 35,000 students in 168 countries
  • This is unique to Digital DJ Tips, and is only open to our students - that's YOU
  • You'll also be invited to our monthly StudentLive live remote classroom sessions, where students from all of our courses get to meet up along with one or more of our tutors.
  • Ask live questions, get insights, share triumphs and challenges - it's like being in a real classroom, but the classroom comes to you!
  • Join as many or few of these sessions as you like - they're even recorded, so you can follow along when it suits. This is a COMPLETELY FREE (and optional!) addition to your course.
We have over 35,000 students in 168 countries. Here is some recent feedback from some of them...

"I have never DJed before, yet the classes were perfect for me!"

"Your training is so clear and well explained, easy to understand (even for a non-native English speaker, like me) and gets me through all I need to know about playing great sets. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who wants to be a better DJ, or just a person who loves music (like me) to improve their skills. My rating: 10/10! - Raul Mariano Jnr, Brazil

"Wow, brilliant! This is what we have all been waiting for..."

"What can I say, mind blown! Wow, brilliant! This is what we have all been waiting for! How to really DJ right there! There is nothing left to say apart from 'You need this'...." - Antony Pegler, Bangor, UK

"I LOVED it! You explain everything so well and make it very easy to follow…"

"I am a very hands on person when it comes to learning and I had been searching for a course like this but hadn't found one - until now!

You explain everything so well and make it very easy to follow. Thanks again for taking the time to make this course and for making it so easy to better my DJing. It's definitely what I have been looking for and I look forward to taking another course in the near future." - Bryan Konrad, USA

"Don't be a good DJ when you can learn here how to be an even better DJ..."

"I was wondering how my favourite DJs make those switches that leave you in awe. How is it possible to do those transitions that are high risk/high reward for maximum impact? I got the answers and a lot more on top. Don't be a good DJ when you can learn here how to be an even better DJ. Your money and trust placed in this course will be rewarded several times over. Quite simply, you won't regret it." - Aatish Pattni, Hessen, Germany
Just like with all of our DJ training courses, Rekordbox Made Easy comes with our cast-iron, no questions, 12 month money-back guarantee, which gives you more than enough time to get the results or get your money back - the risk is all ours. 

If at any time in your first year of ownership you decide it's not for you (for absolutely any reason), just tell us and we'll refund you with a smile. Nobody else offers a guarantee like this.

Join today for $197  (approx £167 / €185*) 

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